Shipped Pies


Good news – we are now shipping our famous nut pies across the good old US of A!  Now you, your friends, and that nice young lady/man you are trying to impress can try a slice of our famous Salty Honey Walnut, or Bourbon Pecan Pie, whose crust Bon Appetit Magazine called “shatteringly good.” We didn’t even make that up! You can also try our Chocolate Pecan with a graham cracker crust – so tasty!
You can order a single pie or multiple pies. We ship up to 2 pies in each box, so shipping cost increases in $15 increments for each 2 pies you purchase.

If you have particular instructions you want us to know about, please leave in the “Gift notes, notes about your order, etc.” section when you check out. Thanks!

xoxo, The Babes
*We can guarantee the day by which orders will ship but can not control the gods of the Postal Service. Our packages are insured and we can send you a new pie if you give us ample notice, but we don’t have a fleet of flying reindeer to help us bring pies to your home in Montana (you lucky dog!). What we’re trying to tell you is that if you wait until Christmas Eve to call and tell us your pies haven’t arrived there is simply no way for us to get you a new pie by Christmas Day. Do you get what we’re saying here? If the answer is “yes”, make no sign…

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