Happy International Women’s Day!

As always, it’s been a while since we published a blog post. Between making the pies and building the business, it’s hard to find time to post anything these days. The fine folks over at Sprig came by on Monday for a little photo shoot, and interview us for a feature (check it out here) and we wanted to post some of the images. As you may know, Sprig is one of the only ways to get a slice of pie from us during the week. They’ve featured a number of our pies over the past six months or so, and right now you can order our blueberry crumble to be delivered right to your doorstep.

We appreciated the chance to give a huge shoutout to our awesome mothers, Linda and Alison, entrepreneurs and women’s libbers who raised us in an environment where women can (and did) start their own companies, keep their own last names, and raise responsible, community-minded families.


In interviewing us, Sprig asked about the challenges we’ve faced as female entrepreneurs. One of our main reflections was the HUGE leg up we had because we were raised in families where traditional gender roles were not the norm. We are pleased to see more and more families living by this example. Just today, a friend wrote in that her three year old son told her that he “wants to be a mom and not a dad when he grows up because he’d prefer not to do the cooking.” We hope that you have an opportunity today to reflect on ways you can help create a more fair and inclusive society.


The Babes



Our December pies are on the menu and they are pretty tasty! We wait all year for Toffee Apple, Chocolate Peppermint pie, and decked out pumpkin pies (Pumpkin Caramel Pecan and Pumpkin with Cinnamon Whipped Cream). Plus, with the extra Tuesday/Thursday markets we do in December there always seem to be extra slices floating around the kitchen!

Anna and I are doing an AMA on Reddit today for those of you who are interested! Swing on by and ask us whatever you want about business ownership, pies, the food industry, etc!

xoxo, Lenore

PS. Check out this sad haiku by  our employee after today’s market rain:

Market Haiku (It’s come to this…)
Drip. Drip. Drip. Drip. Gust!
Pour! Splash! Leak! Leak! Leak! Flap! Creak!
Sad little hand pie.

Cherry Pies!

Hey everybody! This week we’ve been busy in the kitchen making all of the pies, but particularly busy making cherry pies, the bane/delight of our existence!

Cherry Pie

Cherry pies are beloved by most people, but present a particular challenge for the pie-maker, as they take FOREVER to make. Those cherries don’t pit themselves, pie fans!

pitting cherries

cherries and shoes








We pit every cherry by hand and then go back through and check each one for pits, because ALL OF THE OTHER ways we’ve ever tried to do the job, we’ve ended up with pits in pies! This means that each pie takes almost half an hour of cherry pitting (boo!), with – along with the price of organic cherries themselves, makes this pie approximately $39.15 in cost to us. (yikes!) Spending all this time pitting cherries *also* means it’s hard for us to make the rest of the pies our customers expect this season!

filled cherry piecherry lattice 1 cherry lattice 2 complete cherry lattice 3 complete






As a result,we are raising the price of our cherry pies to $50 this season. We understand that this is the big bucks and we feel bad about it, but even with the price hike, the pie is one of our least profitable! We hope that you will understand! Next year we hope to be able to invest in a pitting machine that will allow us to bring the price down to the same level as our other pies. If you have any questions, please be in touch – you can call us, email us, snapchat us (threebabes) or come visit us at one of our farmers market stands: Saturday at the Ferry Plaza and Sunday at the Marin Civic Center Farmers Market. As always, thank you!

cherry lattice 5 complete

cherry lattice 5

cherry lattice 6 woven

cherry pie complete

Apricots are Back!

ATTENTION STONE-FRUIT FANS: Apricots from Frog Hollow Farm are here and (thanks to the fact that Deputy Babe Cassidy is now Best Friends with Farmer Al™) we snagged a whole bunch of them to make into fan-favorite Apricot Blackberry Lattice pies this week! Blackberry Rhubarb Crumble and Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble are also available for all you rhubarb lovers out there – don’t forget to pre-order to lock in your pie of choice!

Apple season is winding down but we still have a few weeks left of Classic Apple and Sour Cream Apple Crumble pies, so fill up while you can!

In other news, Mother’s Day (i.e., the most important of days) is coming up, so if you want to ship your mama a pie cross-country, please get your order in by this Monday (May 2nd) so that we can get it to her in time for the big day!

Goat Festival this weekend at CUESA!

goat cheese strawberry tarts

<— strawberry tarts being made! This weekend, CUESA’s Annual Goat Festival is back with (you guessed it) MORE GOATS!!! That’s right, nature’s most adorable lawnmowers will be on-site this Saturday at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market ready to frolic with and/or eat the shoelaces of like a million of their biggest fans! There will also be goat cheese on all of the menus, including ours – goat cheese tartlets with strawberries and honey or with asparagus, spring onions and herbs will be on offer. This tends to be a very busy weekend so pre-order if you are interested, and consider home delivery if you are wary of big crowds! Meanwhile, check out this awesome (and very quick) video of anna making a strawberries+honey goat cheese tartlet! xoxo, The Babes

PI DAY (San Francisco is a weird place)

pi day is Marc 14th

NERD ALERT: Today is Pi Day, and if you need proof before you’re willing to accept how much people here in SF love math holidays, consider this: We have already sold more than twice the number of pies we sold our first Thanksgiving! That’s CRAZY, considering that 100% of Americans celebrate Thanksgiving, and of those people, pretty much 100% of them want to eat pie. By contrast, a lot fewer than 100% of people are nerds. It’s simple math, people!

In any case, we worked through the weekend to make sure we’d be well-stocked so order up! To make sure you’ll have pie by lunch time, get your order in by 11am.  Thanks!


Hello! Unless you’ve been living (fully or partially) submerged under a body of water, it is probably not news to you that March 14th is Pi Day. We’ve done a fair bit of education on SF’s nerdiest food holiday (past newsletters have explained the principles of geometry, praised its utility in modern life, detailed the work of Archimedes – greatest mathematician of classical antiquity – and even profiled hometown hero Larry, Pi Day’s creator).

This year we’re kicking it up a notch, by (1) tripling the number of pies that will be available for purchase, and (2) working on a super-secret pie-robot collaboration with, set to launch on Pi Day. “PIE ROBOT??? SHUT UP!!!” you’re likely shouting right now as you Snapchat and drive. (Again, please stop doing that. Also, follow us on snapchat @threebabes.) Orders will be accepted on Pi Day only for robotic pie delivery on a future date in May once we get the robots trained. You heard it here first, pie fans – the future is here.

Meanwhile, order a pie for pickup or delivery by a regular human (for Pi Day or any other day!) right here on the internet like you usually do.

See you at the market this weekend!
The Babes

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie! Get it!

chocolate peanut butter pie

Happy Week-After-Valentine’s-Day, pie fans! For those of you who (YET AGAIN) got nothing or next-to-nothing (ahem: what’s up with the continued gifting of non-pies, people? NOT COOL.) for Valentine’s Day, we have an amazing idea: Why don’t you buy *yourself* a slice of pie this weekend? Or maybe even a whole pie??

If you think this is as great an idea as we do, you are in luck!!! Because this weekend, we have a LOT of hard to find pies on the menu! Chocolate Peanut Butter! Lemon Cream! Banana Cream! Chocolate Cream! It’s as if a regular customer is getting married or something! Oh wait, one is!! (Which is the only reason so many awesome pies are on the menu at once. Order up, or forever hold your peace.) 

This week’s menu:
Blood Orange Walnut Frangipane Tarts (not available at the market)
Banana Cream
Chocolate Cream
Lemon Cream
Chocolate Peanut Butter
Classic Apple
Sour Cream Apple Crumble
Pear Lemon Almond Streusel
Bourbon Pecan
Salty Honey Walnut
Bittersweet Chocolate Pecan*

Additionally, we just announced our Pi Day menu. NERD ALERT!
The Babes

Happy Valentine’s Day!

flowers plus pies

It’s our favorite blog posting time of the whole year because (YES, YOU GUESSED IT!) Valentine’s Day is nearly here! So many chances to engage in self-deprecating comedy! Each year we take this opportunity to revel in our singledom and/or shame our significant other(s), yet again, for inadequate gifting (STILL WAITING ON THAT BOX OF DIAMONDS, gentlemen… or even a box of chocolate diamonds, or maybe even just a diamond-shaped box. As the years have worn on we’ve become more flexible. You may think this is a sign that our standards have declined, but we would like to point out that a sturdy diamond-shaped-box is not easy to find, just like a box of real diamonds is not easy to find. So either way, at least he or she is putting in the effort, amiright???)

We trust that all of you (or at least *most* of you) are not going to get a box of diamonds this year, so we’re offering something almost as good: a pie of your choice, delivered to your sweetheart this weekend, with a burlap-wrapped bouquet from everyone’s favorite flower business, Farmgirl Flowers! Order in advance or be left with nothing for your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day (NOT COOL, Boo!) – Don’t be that guy/gal this year, friends! 

The Babes



Hey all!

Are you sick of Superbowl 50 yet? No?? Like, the Superbowl isn’t until this weekend, so how could you possibly be sick of it? Well, if that’s the case, you OBVIOUSLY don’t live in San Francisco, because all people can do around here is complain! (Present company INCLUDED – you have NO IDEA how long it took us to get back to the kitchen from the market last weekend. SO LONG!) Anyway, to brighten the week of all you jaded SF residents, we’ve decided to have a SUPERBOWL PIE FACEOFF!


No, it’s not pies served in bowls (BORING), it’s two entirely new pies this Friday and Saturday (That’s right! They’ve never been made before!)

In honor of the Denver Broncos we’ve decided to make Orange Blueberry Key Lime Pie. It’s like Key Lime pie with made with freshly squeezed orange juice and studded with the last of our secret stash of blueberries from Hidden Star Orchard! It’s topped with whipped cream, just like Key Lime! (This pie just barely beat out “Pey-can Manning” Pecan Pie)

Representing the Carolina Panthers we have a Dark Chocolate Coconut Pie, made with coconut pastry cream covered in a dark chocolate ganache. (Runner up was a “Caramel Cam (Fig) Newton” pie. Figs aren’t in season, people!) Pre-order a whole pie for pick up or delivery, or come on down to our stand at the Ferry Building this Saturday to try a slice!
The Babes

Blood Orange Frangipane Tartlets!


Exciting news, pie fans! For the next few weeks we’ll have Blood Orange Walnut Frangipane Tarts (previously available only on Saturdays) available all week long!  They are the perfect single-serve breakfast treat, and we hope you will enjoy them!

It’s been a bit crazy with Superbowl madness downtown, so be sure to pre-order, and consider opting for delivery to miss the downtown traffic. Tune in next week, for Superbowl-themed pies it’s taken us WEEKS to develop! This is mostly because we have very little baseline football knowledge. Pecan Manning Pie? Cam (Fig?) Newton Pie? FUN FACT: Peyton Manning’s actual nickname is apparently Peytie Pie!

In search of inspiration, we tweeted at Peyton Manning, Cam Newton, The Broncos AND The Panthers to inquire about favorite pies. We are still waiting for a response.

In any case, check back next week to find out what’s on our SUPERBOWL PIE FACEOFF MENU!

xoxo, The Babes


PI DAY is almost here, everybody! This year, March 14th falls on a Saturday, so we’ll be starting the party early with pie delivery and pickup on Friday, March 13th!


We assume that by this time you are already familiar with Pi (past newsletters have been devoted to explaining the principles of geometry, praising geometry’s utility in modern life, and even learning about Archimedes – the greatest mathematician of classical antiquity) and also with Pie (obviously) BUT until recently, even we were completely in the dark about the origins of Pi Day.

And guess what? Thanks to the internet we learned that there’s a guy right here in San Francisco who came up with the whole thing in the 80’s! His name is Larry, his hair, beard, and shirt collection are AWESOME and somehow we have not yet met him – even though he obviously loves pie! Larry, where are you and how have you not yet come out of the woodwork? WE WANT ANSWERS!

If any of you readers out there know Larry, please send him our way for a free slice of pie this Saturday at the Ferry Plaza. As for the rest of you, reserve in advance if you have your heart set on something as always!
xoxo, The Babes