Happy International Women’s Day!

As always, it’s been a while since we published a blog post. Between making the pies and building the business, it’s hard to find time to post anything these days. The fine folks over at Sprig came by on Monday for a little photo shoot, and interview us for a feature (check it out here) and we wanted to post some of the images. As you may know, Sprig is one of the only ways to get a slice of pie from us during the week. They’ve featured a number of our pies over the past six months or so, and right now you can order our blueberry crumble to be delivered right to your doorstep.

We appreciated the chance to give a huge shoutout to our awesome mothers, Linda and Alison, entrepreneurs and women’s libbers who raised us in an environment where women can (and did) start their own companies, keep their own last names, and raise responsible, community-minded families.


In interviewing us, Sprig asked about the challenges we’ve faced as female entrepreneurs. One of our main reflections was the HUGE leg up we had because we were raised in families where traditional gender roles were not the norm. We are pleased to see more and more families living by this example. Just today, a friend wrote in that her three year old son told her that he “wants to be a mom and not a dad when he grows up because he’d prefer not to do the cooking.” We hope that you have an opportunity today to reflect on ways you can help create a more fair and inclusive society.


The Babes


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