Cherry Pies!

Hey everybody! This week we’ve been busy in the kitchen making all of the pies, but particularly busy making cherry pies, the bane/delight of our existence!

Cherry Pie

Cherry pies are beloved by most people, but present a particular challenge for the pie-maker, as they take FOREVER to make. Those cherries don’t pit themselves, pie fans!

pitting cherries

cherries and shoes








We pit every cherry by hand and then go back through and check each one for pits, because ALL OF THE OTHER ways we’ve ever tried to do the job, we’ve ended up with pits in pies! This means that each pie takes almost half an hour of cherry pitting (boo!), with – along with the price of organic cherries themselves, makes this pie approximately $39.15 in cost to us. (yikes!) Spending all this time pitting cherries *also* means it’s hard for us to make the rest of the pies our customers expect this season!

filled cherry piecherry lattice 1 cherry lattice 2 complete cherry lattice 3 complete






As a result,we are raising the price of our cherry pies to $50 this season. We understand that this is the big bucks and we feel bad about it, but even with the price hike, the pie is one of our least profitable! We hope that you will understand! Next year we hope to be able to invest in a pitting machine that will allow us to bring the price down to the same level as our other pies. If you have any questions, please be in touch – you can call us, email us, snapchat us (threebabes) or come visit us at one of our farmers market stands: Saturday at the Ferry Plaza and Sunday at the Marin Civic Center Farmers Market. As always, thank you!

cherry lattice 5 complete

cherry lattice 5

cherry lattice 6 woven

cherry pie complete

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