Goat Festival this weekend at CUESA!

goat cheese strawberry tarts

<— strawberry tarts being made! This weekend, CUESA’s Annual Goat Festival is back with (you guessed it) MORE GOATS!!! That’s right, nature’s most adorable lawnmowers will be on-site this Saturday at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market ready to frolic with and/or eat the shoelaces of like a million of their biggest fans! There will also be goat cheese on all of the menus, including ours – goat cheese tartlets with strawberries and honey or with asparagus, spring onions and herbs will be on offer. This tends to be a very busy weekend so pre-order if you are interested, and consider home delivery if you are wary of big crowds! Meanwhile, check out this awesome (and very quick) video of anna making a strawberries+honey goat cheese tartlet! xoxo, The Babes

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