Hello! Unless you’ve been living (fully or partially) submerged under a body of water, it is probably not news to you that March 14th is Pi Day. We’ve done a fair bit of education on SF’s nerdiest food holiday (past newsletters have explained the principles of geometry, praised its utility in modern life, detailed the work of Archimedes – greatest mathematician of classical antiquity – and even profiled hometown hero Larry, Pi Day’s creator).

This year we’re kicking it up a notch, by (1) tripling the number of pies that will be available for purchase, and (2) working on a super-secret pie-robot collaboration with, set to launch on Pi Day. “PIE ROBOT??? SHUT UP!!!” you’re likely shouting right now as you Snapchat and drive. (Again, please stop doing that. Also, follow us on snapchat @threebabes.) Orders will be accepted on Pi Day only for robotic pie delivery on a future date in May once we get the robots trained. You heard it here first, pie fans – the future is here.

Meanwhile, order a pie for pickup or delivery by a regular human (for Pi Day or any other day!) right here on the internet like you usually do.

See you at the market this weekend!
The Babes

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