Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie! Get it!

chocolate peanut butter pie

Happy Week-After-Valentine’s-Day, pie fans! For those of you who (YET AGAIN) got nothing or next-to-nothing (ahem: what’s up with the continued gifting of non-pies, people? NOT COOL.) for Valentine’s Day, we have an amazing idea: Why don’t you buy *yourself* a slice of pie this weekend? Or maybe even a whole pie??

If you think this is as great an idea as we do, you are in luck!!! Because this weekend, we have a LOT of hard to find pies on the menu! Chocolate Peanut Butter! Lemon Cream! Banana Cream! Chocolate Cream! It’s as if a regular customer is getting married or something! Oh wait, one is!! (Which is the only reason so many awesome pies are on the menu at once. Order up, or forever hold your peace.) 

This week’s menu:
Blood Orange Walnut Frangipane Tarts (not available at the market)
Banana Cream
Chocolate Cream
Lemon Cream
Chocolate Peanut Butter
Classic Apple
Sour Cream Apple Crumble
Pear Lemon Almond Streusel
Bourbon Pecan
Salty Honey Walnut
Bittersweet Chocolate Pecan*

Additionally, we just announced our Pi Day menu. NERD ALERT!
The Babes

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