Happy Valentine’s Day!

flowers plus pies

It’s our favorite blog posting time of the whole year because (YES, YOU GUESSED IT!) Valentine’s Day is nearly here! So many chances to engage in self-deprecating comedy! Each year we take this opportunity to revel in our singledom and/or shame our significant other(s), yet again, for inadequate gifting (STILL WAITING ON THAT BOX OF DIAMONDS, gentlemen… or even a box of chocolate diamonds, or maybe even just a diamond-shaped box. As the years have worn on we’ve become more flexible. You may think this is a sign that our standards have declined, but we would like to point out that a sturdy diamond-shaped-box is not easy to find, just like a box of real diamonds is not easy to find. So either way, at least he or she is putting in the effort, amiright???)

We trust that all of you (or at least *most* of you) are not going to get a box of diamonds this year, so we’re offering something almost as good: a pie of your choice, delivered to your sweetheart this weekend, with a burlap-wrapped bouquet from everyone’s favorite flower business, Farmgirl Flowers! Order in advance or be left with nothing for your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day (NOT COOL, Boo!) – Don’t be that guy/gal this year, friends! 

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