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Are you sick of Superbowl 50 yet? No?? Like, the Superbowl isn’t until this weekend, so how could you possibly be sick of it? Well, if that’s the case, you OBVIOUSLY don’t live in San Francisco, because all people can do around here is complain! (Present company INCLUDED – you have NO IDEA how long it took us to get back to the kitchen from the market last weekend. SO LONG!) Anyway, to brighten the week of all you jaded SF residents, we’ve decided to have a SUPERBOWL PIE FACEOFF!


No, it’s not pies served in bowls (BORING), it’s two entirely new pies this Friday and Saturday (That’s right! They’ve never been made before!)

In honor of the Denver Broncos we’ve decided to make Orange Blueberry Key Lime Pie. It’s like Key Lime pie with made with freshly squeezed orange juice and studded with the last of our secret stash of blueberries from Hidden Star Orchard! It’s topped with whipped cream, just like Key Lime! (This pie just barely beat out “Pey-can Manning” Pecan Pie)

Representing the Carolina Panthers we have a Dark Chocolate Coconut Pie, made with coconut pastry cream covered in a dark chocolate ganache. (Runner up was a “Caramel Cam (Fig) Newton” pie. Figs aren’t in season, people!) Pre-order a whole pie for pick up or delivery, or come on down to our stand at the Ferry Building this Saturday to try a slice!
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