Blood Orange Frangipane Tartlets!


Exciting news, pie fans! For the next few weeks we’ll have Blood Orange Walnut Frangipane Tarts (previously available only on Saturdays) available all week long!  They are the perfect single-serve breakfast treat, and we hope you will enjoy them!

It’s been a bit crazy with Superbowl madness downtown, so be sure to pre-order, and consider opting for delivery to miss the downtown traffic. Tune in next week, for Superbowl-themed pies it’s taken us WEEKS to develop! This is mostly because we have very little baseline football knowledge. Pecan Manning Pie? Cam (Fig?) Newton Pie? FUN FACT: Peyton Manning’s actual nickname is apparently Peytie Pie!

In search of inspiration, we tweeted at Peyton Manning, Cam Newton, The Broncos AND The Panthers to inquire about favorite pies. We are still waiting for a response.

In any case, check back next week to find out what’s on our SUPERBOWL PIE FACEOFF MENU!

xoxo, The Babes

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