PI DAY is almost here, everybody! This year, March 14th falls on a Saturday, so we’ll be starting the party early with pie delivery and pickup on Friday, March 13th!


We assume that by this time you are already familiar with Pi (past newsletters have been devoted to explaining the principles of geometry, praising geometry’s utility in modern life, and even learning about Archimedes – the greatest mathematician of classical antiquity) and also with Pie (obviously) BUT until recently, even we were completely in the dark about the origins of Pi Day.

And guess what? Thanks to the internet we learned that there’s a guy right here in San Francisco who came up with the whole thing in the 80’s! His name is Larry, his hair, beard, and shirt collection are AWESOME and somehow we have not yet met him – even though he obviously loves pie! Larry, where are you and how have you not yet come out of the woodwork? WE WANT ANSWERS!

If any of you readers out there know Larry, please send him our way for a free slice of pie this Saturday at the Ferry Plaza. As for the rest of you, reserve in advance if you have your heart set on something as always!
xoxo, The Babes

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