Pie-making contest at CUESA this Saturday


We’re pumped about CUESA’s pie-making contest tomorrow. (Side note: WHAT IS WITH PEOPLE AND COMPETITIONS? You should hear some of the the smack our farmers have been talking!) The prizes are pretty awesome: Gifts from HEATH Ceramics, Sur La Table, KNEAD Patisserie, Good Eggs, Nana Joe’s Granola, YOLO Farmstand, Emmy’s Pickles, Bluestem Brasserie, Book Passage, and Kika’s Treats, just to name a few. Plus, all of the non-winners (runners-up? “also-ran” pie makers ? we don’t know what to call you people, but whatever it is, it isn’t “losers.” You’re all winners and we love you!) are entered in a consolation drawing for a free pie-making class with us. (Yeah…who’s a loser NOW?) Come submit pies from 8am-10:30 am. We’ll be on hand at the CUESA kitchen to answer all of your pie-making questions before judging begins! We’ll also have a little stand at the front where you can buy slices, whole pies, and even pre-order for Thanksgiving! We hope to see you there!


The Babes

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