Back at Off the Grid on Sundays through the end of October

Thanks to all of you who have been over to the Presidio to see us on Sundays! It’s been a lot of fun, and we have the pleasure of manning a booth surrounded by lots of our friends and fellow food-makers – Dandelion Chocolate, Humphry Slocombe, Ritual Coffee, Namu Gaji, and so many more! We even borrowed this awesome spinning carnival wheel and fun times rocking horse from our friends at Paul’s Hatworks! (And man, has the wheel been a successful marketing tool – people just love to spin that thing).

spinny wheelgiant rocking horse

Possible prizes include: high fives all around, life advice, matchmaking services, a ride on the rocking horse (ALERT – this is especially fun), free use of our giant bowling set, and even a free slice of pie! Crazy, we know!!!

We’re only there a few more weeks so if you haven’t made it over yet, hurry the heck up already – we have unsolicited advice a’plenty, saved up just for you!


The Babes

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