Name Five Professional Athletes who have not yet retired…


Yeah, Lenore can’t do it – at least not in sport-specific categories – and that’s why it would be SO HILARIOUS if Three Babes were to win this contest and get our own Superbowl Commercial.

Lenore: “You guys – we could TOTALLY have the commercial be us looking for the new 3rd Babe. We could get a bunch of professional athletes on the commercial cutting up fruit, making crust, arm wrestling with us….”

Anna: “Oh yeah? Like who were you thinking?”

Lenore: “Like… Ok, Jerry Rice is retired, right? OOH, Tim Tebow! He still plays football, no?”

Anna: “Seriously Lenore?”

Lenore: “Ok, TOM BRADY! He definitely plays still! Is Michael Vick out of jail?”

Obviously, we need all the help we can get, so please put it on your calendar and vote every day in August!


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