Fun times at CUESA

photo-17Can we just say how much we love everybody over at CUESA? We had an AWESOME time a few weeks ago showing people how to make cherry pies, AND a great time the week before that hosting the mimosa bar at CUESA’s 20th Birthday party. Party hats for all!

Most people who work in food in the Bay Area already know about CUESA, but for those who don’t, it’s the Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture and is an organization dedicated to cultivating a sustainable food system. They’re the folks responsible for the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market and for the education programs that go on there, including programs for adults (like our pie making demo) and for children (such as Foodwise Kids, which brings in elementary students from the community to shop for and prepare fresh food.)

Our friend Elianna Friedman is the market chef at CUESA and is a passionate food educator and community activist. For any of  you out there who want to get involved in food justice or just learn more about the food system, CUESA is a great organization with which to volunteer. To learn more, visit CUESA’s website or, in a much more delicious move, go to the Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market any Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday and pick up some delicious produce straight from a real, live farmer! And if you’re there on a Saturday, please pick us up some chilaquiles from Primavera in the back. They’re the best. Sometimes superlatives are just called for, you know?


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