Rest In Peace, Owl Doormat #neverforget

It is no secret that we LOVE US SOME CHOCOLATE over here at Three Babes HQ (that would be our apartment), which, by the way, is now LACKING A DOORMAT after someone STOLE IT THIS MORNING!!! Who steals a doormat? WHO???


Actually, this is made even funnier by the fact that it was an owl doormat AND IT WAS STOLEN IN BROAD DAYLIGHT. Barbarians!

Moving on. We are the guest chefs at Dandelion Chocolate this week! We are longtime admirers of Todd, Cameron, Alice and the whole team at Dandelion. They are rad and so is their chocolate.

Obviously, we were thrilled to bits when Todd asked if we wanted to partner up this week. We are SO are excited to get a chance to see everybody and screw around in the kitchen with the delicious fruit that is now coming into season, because (guess what?) chocolate goes with almost everything. We’ll be at Dandelion this Wednesday through Sunday, 10am-8pm with a variety of pie and non-pie treats!

For those of you who want to know the secrets of pie, we are also teaching a chocolate cream pie making class this Wednesday at 8pm. There are only 12 tickets available so we are sold out, please email us to be added to the waiting list. And while we are on the subject of selling out, let it be known that we are not above doormat bribery.


The Babes


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