Three Babes Bakeshop Pie Class — Wine. Meat. Sass. Crust

Today we have a guest post from Babe-In-Training Rachel, who proved indispensable at last month’s pie-making series at Flour+Water. Our apologies yet again to those who didn’t get a chance to sign up. Yes, we know it sold out the first day. Yes, we will be offering more classes. And Yes, if you email us you can get on the super-secret first-chance-to-order list. Ok, so without further adieu, Ms. Rachel:

Rachel here, guest blogging for my favorite pie-makers, with a free look into what may have been the best pie class in the history of pie classes.  I know this claim is true, friend.  I was there!

Picture this:

Twelve budding bakers, two babes, Liz and Sarah from Salumeria and me.
There was wine. Cheese. Cured Meats. (Cure meats being a standalone good time even when not combined with the wines and the cheeses).   Throw in a lesson from two sassy babes and you have yourself a recipe for an epic Thursday night.

The class began with a lesson in rolling out the crust, and I have to admit that when the first task was  announced I basically couldn’t NOT make a reference aloud to the Ludacris song that pops into my head.  Yeah. I went there.

Then The Babes got real with the tips. For the many poor souls who didn’t make it out to the class, here’s a sampling:

-Use a French rolling pin (thicker in the middle, tapered at the ends) for a uniformly circular crust every time

-Keep your dough very cold

– Make sure your disk of dough is always sufficiently (but not over-sufficiently) floured. It should never feel sticky when you run your hands over it.

– Roll out (yet again, with the Ludacris) with speed and confidence, rotating your dough regularly.

-Be sure to chill your roll out for at least 30 minutes before fluting and freezing for a single-crust pie or filling and fluting for a double-crust pie

– Use unsalted butter.  As Anna always says, “Salted butter? – only for toast!” As Lenore always says “control your salt level.” (And let me tell you, if there is anything I like more than toast, it’s control).

Signing off!



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