For those of us lucky enough to grow up where the peaches grow, what fonder memories are there than those of biting into a ripe, juicy peach? My dad was particularly fond of peaches. He’d worked at the cannery in the summer time as a young man, and had lots of stories of ¬†gorging on peaches for lunch and then passing out with a full belly. If the factory foreman made a surprise tour of the floor, the old ladies who worked the factory full time (and who I’m sure my father was fond of sweet-talking) would pelt Dad with peaches to wake him up.

In the farming community there’s a great deal of respect for peach growers – particularly those who grow organic peaches. Peaches are notoriously sensitive – farmers must watch them daily to determine the appropriate time to pick. Organic peaches are even more difficult to manage, especially due to their extended growing season. (Our cherry farmer said she tried peaches for a few years and then gave up in frustration.) Last week we found these Indian Blood Peaches grown in Escalon while visiting a farmer’s market in Stockton. We hadn’t seen these since we were kids (and were pretty sure they only grew in Iowa). We love the mottled greenish purple skin and brilliant pink interior. Gorgeous! These are definitely going into this week’s subscriber pies.


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