4th of July BBQ time!

Everybody knows you can’t have a 4th of July barbecue without pie. What dessert could be more patriotic? But as you may know, getting a delicious seasonal fruit dessert from the farm to your picnic table isn’t as easy as, well, cupcakes. First you’ve gotta go out and get the best fruit (It’s a jungle out there – do you have ANY IDEA how difficult it is to get one of those rolling carts at the farmer’s market? Check out ‘lil babe Olivia’s focus!)

Then you have to make and chill your crust, roll it out and then chill it again, somehow manage to prep your fruit without eating it all (this is the most difficult step, in our opinion), and then wait all night until tomorrow, when you can finally eat the pie at your barbecue. (No pie for dessert/midnight snack/breakfast? How do you LIVE!)

As an alternative, you can order a pie from us and have it delivered. You’ll be free of the temptation to dig in for breakfast aaaaand, you won’t have to stay up all night after working all day today to make the pie yourself. Check out our current menu and order via email at info@threebabesbakeshop.com or over the phone at 415.742.0484. ¬†Thanks!

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