“The Babes Faves” at the FM this week!

Hello World! How’s it going this fine mid-April day? If you’re lucky enough to be in Our Fine City today, then you’re enjoying the truly magnificent weather that the San Francisco gods have bestowed upon us. And what better day than today to roll out a new little program we’d like to call “The Babes Faves” (yes, we know there’s supposed to be all sorts of possessive apostrophes up in there, and we don’t care!). This week we’re featuring The Babes Faves at the Heart of the City Farmers Market, where we babes used to sling slices and where our beloved berry growers reside on Wednesdays. Check out Yerena Farms!

Most delicious strawberries EVER! YUM! Or, if you’re in a more savory mood, because to be honest, babes can’t eat sweet pie all day long, check out these next two vendors. Bariani Olive Oil is some of the most incredible local olive oil. And as a bonus, they make even more incredible balsamic vinegar (in this babe’s humble opinion). And they’ve starting making all sorts of amazing body products, too!

Spring Hill Jersey Cheese, the home of Petaluma Creamery, makes some very tasty hand-crafted cheeses.

OK, so how about a simple dessert of quark from Spring Hill, some sliced strawberries from Yerena, with a drizzle of olive oil and vinegar from Bariani, and maybe a dollop of local honey to bring it all together? But I guess that brings us back to dessert, dear friends. We babes have one track minds!

Until next THE BABES FAVES!!!


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