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Hi everyone!

Ok, so we’ve been a little remiss about posting – Sorry!/We didn’t know you cared!/We will hug you and make it all better! There, that should satisfy almost everyone. From now on we’ll do our best to keep you updated on our happenings and whatnot, but this can be a bit of a catch-up post in case you haven’t been checking the homepage like it’s your job (moms, we’re looking at you!). Basically, since December:

1. We didn’t move into the Cole Valley spot. We’re still on the hunt for our own place so if you have ideas, let us know!

2. In a follow up to our Pie-in-Jar recipe’s publication in Food+Wine Magazine’s Thanksgiving issue, Three Babes Bakeshop was named one of America’s Best Pie Spots.

3. Daily Candy named our pie subscription one of the best discoveries of 2011.

4. We started looking for our own retail spot for realsies. Then we got scared (Does SF really need another pie shop?) and thought about doing pies wholesale instead.  (Can we maintain the integrity of our product if we’re producing at a scale that would make sense for grocery?) These existential conundrums (and more) are the sort of thing that keep the babes up at night.

5. We made it to the semi-finals for The Next Big Small Brand competition and realized that we really want to build our brand in a way that reflects who we are. So we’re making some changes in our messaging – for instance, a lot of people don’t even know that we use 100% organic ingredients? (Related: Do people understand how few bakeries actually do that? And do they even care? Again with the existential conundrums…) Anywho, we’re working on a new logo as I type this that will hopefully be more in line with where we are taking the brand. Stay tuned!

6. March POURED, and we had to close the LSC almost every weekend, so if you came to Stable and we weren’t there, we are genuinely sorry. But, in happy news, Pi Day! Great success.

7. April also POURED, and Stable/Saison had to close due to flooding. We relocated to 780 Cafe in a pinch, but we’re back at Stable again this weekend. For those of you who haven’t been to visit recently, we now have a sweet sweet farmer’s market setup in the courtyard. Come say hi!


The Babes

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