¡España! Wait, Francia?

Hello pie enthusiasts! It’s been awhile, but let’s jump right in because we have so much to share! OK, so amidst the hubbub of our crazy-pie-lives, this babe took some time for a trip overseas. Spain, to be exact. BUT, while tooling around the beautiful northern countryside of España, we decided to dip into France for a day, because you know, we’re BALLERS (see: impostor). And what did we find but a little French pie shop owned by total babe French brothers. AND, Tarterie Muscade features sweet AND savory pies! Here’s an extremely bad photograph of the front of this adorable shop (please take pity on the babes and help us upgrade to this):

 Your slice of savory is served with a crisp butter lettuce salad with mustard vinaigrette, and your sweet slice with an espresso or coffee beverage of choice. YUM. And what a source of inspiration! They had several different sweet and savory selections to choose from, including this one with apples and raspberries in a shortbread crust! Just behold this pie wonder:

 And, last but not least, the epic slice that I chose: a tangy crème fraiche custard pie with tons of rhubarb and fresh currants. Seriously one of the best pies I’ve ever had. I couldn’t even wait to take a picture of the slice in it’s entirety before taking a bite!

So until we can get our little hands on some California rhubarb (coming soon!), we’ll just have to keep dreaming of this amazing French pie, made by amazing French babes. What? We can dream, can’t we?! So, come visit us at Stable Cafe this weekend for some tasty sweet and savory slices, where we can talk all about travels, babes and the weather (for those of you who’d rather not go THERE). See you soon!


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