Ok, Valentine’s Day is over, so let’s get Real.


How did Valentine’s Day go? Was it everything you’d hoped? Flowers, and hand-holding, and delicious chocolate cream pies in jars?  Yes? Great, because ours was too – the flowers were beautiful (Lila B. Design took over the LSC!), the hand-holding did the trick (that would be Lenore and Anna huddled together for warmth in said LSC), and the dozens upon dozens of chocolate cream pies certainly looked adorable tucked into the messenger bag of many a plaid-wearing young gentleman as he headed off into the wilds of the Mission.

If you were without a Valentine, fret not! The Babes are here to build you up – if you are a boy, consider some of the advice this 9 year-old has to offer. (Please ignore the part about not giving presents. Trust us, girls LOVE presents.) With any luck, you’ll have so many ladies after you next Valentine’s Day that you wont know what to do! 

And to all the solo-ladies out there, quit talking about dudes and go have a good time with your friends this weekend! Unlike your crush, your ladies actually care about you. They will be there when you are feeling lonely, they smell nice AND, they’d never Social-Justice-Womanize you. It’s a win all around! Also, you can borrow their clothes. Think of the possibilities!

Of course, we could be underestimating you. Perhaps you have the opposite problem – four guys/gals asked you out at once, and you couldn’t decide which one you liked best, so you said “yes” to all of them and then had to construct an elaborate web of lies to hide them all from each other! If so, we hope that worked out for you. (Also, just as an FYI for the gents – if this is you, you may be a Social-Justice-Womanizer  – an SJW, for short. Unless you work in Banking/for-profit consulting. If that’s the case, you’re just a plain old Womanizer. You DOG! And if you’re a girl, we call you an ALAD – That would be, Acts Like A Dude for the uninitiated.) Be careful, all you little Casanovas (and Casanovettes) – your approach did not work out well for Punky Brewster.

For all the rest of you, we’d love to see you this weekend at Stable! As always, we’ll be there with hugs, compliments, and if you’re cute/friendly enough, maybe even a little smooch. (You never know!)


The Babes

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