Our very own LRL!

Did you hear that, World? Three Babes Bakeshop is looking to open our very own Little Retail Location! So we can serve you, dear friend, in the way that you deserve! Not to say we haven’t just LOVED our Little Shipping Container, but our LRL? Now that’s something to get really excited about!

So before this babe goes and blows it, and starts telling our top secret plans for this new little cafe, you’ll just have to come on down to the LSC at Stable Cafe this weekend, and try to get the secrets outta us! SPOILER ALERT: this babe is pretty gullible, especially if you’re a cutie pie, so flirting and compliments get you everywhere. Just sayin’. And besides, we have Banana Cream on the menu this weekend! BANANA CREAM! We’ll see you this weekend!

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