Grandma Rose

Oh, Grandma Rose. How you will be missed. Just observe this family photo below, friends. Grandma Rose embraced my creative, free spirit from the beginning. Necklace, bracelet and diaper only? No problem! It was only natural that when we babes started this pie business, not only was she so proud of us, but she had plenty of fantastic recipes and ideas to share. As a true pie connoisseur, Grandma Rose was the inspiration behind one of this month’s pies: the oh-so-heavenly, dreamsicle of a pie, light, sweet cloud of grandmotherly-love, the Orange Chiffon Pie.

This was one of her favorite pies. And we babes were so pleased to make it for her! A super light orange custard, topped with whipped cream and orange slices. Simple, beautiful, delicious.

So come visit us this weekend at Stable Cafe, friends. We’ll be in the mood to talk about how fantastic grandmother’s are, and share a slice of orange chiffon heaven with you.

Love you, Grandma Rose. One of these days, we’ll make that Rose Meringue Pie we talked about. XOXO.

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