Halloween Screenings and Deli-food Leanings

So we had a pretty good weekend, ladies and gents, and it wasn’t just on account of the fact that we outdid ourselves with no less than 15 types of pie on Saturday. See below for evidence:

Not only have we locked down our taping for The Food Network’s Unique Sweets (November 12th, 11am-12 noon at Stable Cafe.  Come on down!), but we also had a super-fun time selling slices of pie at the Roxie Theater’s Twin Peaks triple feature organized by Midnites for Maniacs!  We did not have cherry pie (sorry ’bout it!  we’re seasonal!) but we did sell through 85 slices of pie in under 30 minutes.  (People at the movies are hungry).

We also met a delightful young man dressed in a home-made ladybug costume (we still can’t get over it!  Pipe Cleaners through an angora sweater as legs?  Genius!)  And we befriended the fine fellows of Wise Sons Deli, who came in (With family!) for a slice of pie on Sunday.  We paid them a little visit today at the Ferry Building. (Insider tip: Go early!  We almost fought an elderly disabled man for the last corned beef sandwich.  Not a joke – his cane was scary.) To anyone who has not yet tried their chocolate babka, we are wondering how you continue to live with yourselves.

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