Because we just LOVE to talk pie…

We’re teaching a class at 18 Reasons!  And just in time for the holidays.  Check out the event info and reserve your spot in this hands-on workshop here!

We’re pretty excited to share some of our Thanksgiving recipes and insider tips with you, dear pie enthusiast.  Because one thing we babes love even more than pie, is community!  Yeah, we like people MORE than pie!  How could that be, you might ask?!  Well, if we didn’t have you beautiful pie fans, we wouldn’t have anyone to make pie for!  And eating pie alone is something no one should do.  Trust us.  We know.  Pie’s about sharing.  Pie’s about family, and home, and love, and THANKSGIVING.  Pumpkin, Pecan, Apple Rum Raisin, Maple Buttermilk… the list could go on and on!

So come down to the LSC at Stable Cafe this weekend, (or to our new Heart of the City Farmers Market stand on Sunday!) to talk pie and try some of our Thanksgiving selections.  Or, if you can’t make it this weekend, sign-up for our class!  We’ll just have a grand ol’ Thanksgiving, pie-tastic time.

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