Stone Fruit and Berries… it was love at first sight.

Oh, stone fruit. We Babes just love you! And berries?! We might love you even more. With these two seasons coming to an end (thank you California, for being so super cool with your extra long growing seasons), we’d like to introduce an incredibly delicious green plum from Frog Hollow Farm, the Emerald Beaut plum. This tasty little gem has the ability to become exceptionally sweet on the tree, while remaining crisp! Texture AND flavor. What more could you ask for? And to tart-up the action, we’re adding some plump raspberries to the mix. YUM.

We’ve been really enjoying this one week a year that us San Franciscans get to soak up the sun, and we’re celebrating with a last hurrah of stone fruit and berries. We also have an oh-so-scrumptious Strawberry Balsamic Crumble on the menu this week, but strawberries? We’ve thankfully got them around for at least another month. Oh, California. You’re just the best.

So come visit us at our LSC (little shipping container!) this weekend and enjoy some sun, some pie, and some pleasant conversation. We babes will be just delighted to see all your shining faces.

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