Toffee Apple Pie

Ok, so we’ve got a confession to make.  We’re two-timing the apples this week.  (Quit your judging already!)  It all started with this sexy new technique we came up with for making apple pies.  Last weekend, we took a basket full of crisp, delicious Gravenstein apples, sliced them, spiced them, and then wrapped them up in buttery crust with lattice across the top.  Then we decided to get a little crazy, so we poured a rich toffee roux over the top.  Not only did the toffee melt down into the spaces between the apples, but it also baked onto the crust itself, hardening into a delicious, crispy shell.

Great, right?  Well, yes, except for the fact that Gravensteins are super seasonal.  Like a visiting exchange student, the Gravenstein’s time is short, so while it was fun while it lasted, we had to find a dependable alternative.  Enter Granny Smith.  Gender identity issues aside, he lives right next door and has always been there for us when we needed him – he’d be totally down to star in our pie this weekend.  So everything was cool until Gravenstein was like “Hey, I’m still around for a few more weeks, let’s hang out”.

And so now we have two dates this Friday/Saturday/Sunday: Gravenstein (the mysterious, hard-to-get expatriate) and G. Smith (the familiar and dependable boy next door)?  How can we choose?  We can’t, so obvi, we did what any self-respecting TV heroine would do – we went ahead and used both (zing!)

So this weekend, YOU (our dear pie-fans) will get to play matchmaker. We’ve got no idea how things are going to go over in the shipping container this Saturday (AWKWARD!), but hopefully we can all be friends when the last pie plate is scraped clean.


The Babes

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