This Babe picked these Granny Smiths

Yep.  Just look at ’em. From tree, to totally professional apple-harvesting-bag, to delicious Toffee Granny Smith Apple pie, these tasty little beauties are a gift from our family tree. And this weekend, a gift to you, dear pie fans! We just can’t wait to share these gems with each and every one of you. Especially you, you apple-lover, you. And if you’re not an apple-lover, than we’ve got pies with french prunes, pies with peaches, pies with Asian pears! We’re equal opportunity fruit pie babes.

So come visit us this weekend at Stable Cafe in the Mission. We can talk about this babe’s experiences with picking fruit, and the strategic, sometimes scratch-fest, maneuvering involved in harvesting these lovely apples. We guarantee funny, embarrassing stories. Because these babes definitely have an arsenal of those.

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