Buttermilk pie with GRAPES? What-the-what?!

OK, so hear this babe out, dear pie friends. Dairy and grapes is NOT the craziest thing ever! IT’S DELICIOUS!! And once we’re done gently coaxing you to try just how good the grape/dairy combo can be, you’ll be dropping local, organic grapes in your cereal, in your yogurt, maybe even on your ice cream! Because you are just that adventurous and open-minded. And intelligent. And quite good looking. (We’re pretty good at this persuasion thing, I must admit).

This week we’re jazzing up our buttermilk pie with not one, but TWO kinds of grapes. And not just any grapes, dear friends. Champagne and Bronx grapes! These delightful grapes come to us from Fresno and Escalon, respectively, super close to where we babes grew up. And, super close to where this babe was taught to eat grapes with dairy (thanks grandma!). Just gaze upon these fancy grapes:

Champagne on the left, Bronx on the right. See how stunning they are?! Kind of like you, dearest of pie friends. So, come visit us at Stable Cafe this Labor Day weekend, and treat yourself to a delicious slice of light, buttermilk heaven studded with these tasty gems. Because you deserve it! We’ll be waiting in our shipping container for you with plenty more compliments and pies.

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