Stone fruit, you really oughtta try it!

Hey everybody – it’s Wednesday!  For you, maybe that means celebration (the week’s already half over!) or maybe dejection (the week’s only half over!)  We Babes feel you – on the one hand, Wednesday is a day we pick up berries and stone fruit from the farmers’ market (hooray!) and also the day we do all of our crust roll outs (as you may imagine, around the time we top 200 lattice strips, ‘lil Babe Olivia starts to get cranky).

Anyway, speaking of lattice and stone fruit, we have some delicious pies on the menu this week.  Frog Hollow peaches are still on the menu in our Vanilla Peach Cardamom Lattice.  For those who feel sorry for ‘lil Babe Olivia (or, for those who like to mix things up) we’ve got Nectarine Pluot Blackberry Crumble.  Come on by or call to reserve a pie – if the past few weekends are any indication, these juicy delights will not last long.

The Babes

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