The Color Pink

Ever heard of Pink Pearl Apples, dear pie fans? Well, BEHOLD! Nature’s magical wonder.

This incredible apple was developed right here in northern California. And aside from being BEAUTIFUL, it’s crisp, juicy flesh and sweet-tart taste make it perfect for some pie baking. And that’s just what we Babes have done this week. We’ve put some pink apples up in a lattice pie! ‘Cause we’re ladies like that. And because we llllllllllloooooooove these apples. Babe Lenore can’t stop talking about them!

Have you been to our little shipping container in the Mission yet, dear pie enthusiasts? Well, here’s your chance to come visit us at Stable Cafe and check out some crazy pink pies. But don’t worry, we have plenty of other delicious pies if pink just isn’t your thing. Mexican Chocolate Custard? Lemon Lavender with Green Figs?! And there’s more! Sweet AND Savory! OK, now we’re excited to have you taste them. We’ll see you there!

One thought on “The Color Pink

  1. Those apples are gorgeous. They sound similar in flavor to Pink Lady apples (one of my favorite varieties, I love the balance of flavors). What farm stand did you get them from?

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