Something About Strawberries


As you may have noticed, the fruits of fall have already begun infiltrating our menu – Gravenstein apples, pecans, and figs are all making an appearance this week. And those will all be delicious, we assure you. But also, this is the time to rejoice at the fact that we live in Northern California, because local strawberries are available here way longer than anywhere else!

So today we sent ‘lil Babe Olivia over to the Civic Center Farmers’ market (where, coincidentally, we’ll begin slingin’ slices starting next month!) to buy up as many flats of strawberries as she could comfortably carry. Probably more than she could carry. Sorry ’bout it! But all is well – she can eat a slice of Strawberry Mascarpone Cream pie if she’s still feeling like a McGrumperton come Saturday (Or a Red-Plum Strawberry pie! Shhh! It’s off-menu but if you come in the a.m. on Saturday you just might get a slice!) Don’t tell anyone you read it here 😉

The Babes

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