Liquored O’Henry

O’Henry peaches are some of the Babes’ favorites. This late summer variety is known as a freestone peach since it’s pit is easily removed from the juicy flesh. A truly perfect summer fruit! And so juicy in fact, that when perfectly ripe, you had better eat this delicious fruit while standing over the sink, or preferably, while standing outside enjoying a late summer afternoon. We have fond childhood memories of visiting a small fruit stand in Linden, CA, called “Grandpa Solari’s Farm Stand,” and selecting the best O’Henry peaches. We’d use the hose to wash off our prized fruit, and take massive bites of these incredible peaches, while the juice ran down our arms. Now that’s a long term relationship of love with some peaches!

Now that we’re all grown up, we’ve decided to add a little kick to these delectable pies. Yes ladies and gents, BOURBON will be added to these pies. Just think of it, warm brown sugar, perfect summer peaches, spiced just right, with a touch of bourbon. What more could you ask for in life? Well, maybe all those elements encased in a flaky, all-butter crust?! Just come down to Stable Cafe this weekend, friends. We’ll have this slice of heaven waiting for you.

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