¿Cómo se dice “pie” en español?

Empanada? Pastel? How about “muy sabrosa?!” (That’s “very tasty” for all you non-spanish-speaking pie lovers out there). This week, the babes are adding some Mexican flavor to our pies. Two of the three babes come from Chicano roots, and the third’s been fully adopted into our HUGE families, so we’re going with it!

We’re spicing up our signature Salty Honey Walnut pie with chocolate and cinnamon! Think sweet honey meets Mexican hot chocolate with toasted walnut goodness. YUM. And the savory pie this week? It’s a crazy fiesta of a pie! Organic queso fresco, tomatillos, cilantro, chiles, lime, and bacon. Wait, wait, wait, what was that last ingredient, you may ask? BACON?! Well, two of the three babes may have Mexican fathers, but all three babes have the love of bacon in common. Mmmmm, bacon.

So come visit us this weekend, dearest pie fans. We’ll put on some mariachi music if it helps you get in the mood.

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