Just plummy.

Hi everybody!

As you may know, The Babes just returned from a long weekend in our home counties of San Joaquin and Calaveras, loaded up with enough walnuts, plums, and blueberries to get us through the week.  We’re particularly excited about the plums – some of which we picked ourselves at Old Dog Ranch after a sometimes-perilous float down the river and then an intrepid march through a walnut orchard holding inner tubes above our heads.  (We also descended on the blueberry patch, but had to leave when we were unable to stop stuffing handfuls of blueberries into our mouths.  Luckily, we picked just enough of them to make plum-blueberry pies for our deluxe subscribers this week!)

So we have some beautiful yellow and pink plums from Old Dog Ranch, and some  incredibly juicy and sweet Mariposa plums from the fine people over at Blossom Bluff.  A preponderance of plums, ladies and gents, and YOU will be the beneficiaries!  So come on down to weigh in on your favorite use of plums – plum frangipane, plum custard, plum streusel with figs or (if you are early/lucky) a slice of our off-menu subscriber pie this week – plum blueberry lattice.

See you Saturday!

The Babes

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