When life gives you a grease fire, make S’mores!

Hello internet people!

We hope you’ve had a great week so far. The babes have had a heck of a time recovering from last weekend. For some still-unexplained reason, (maybe the marathon?) people where in a pie-tastic mood last Saturday. By the end of the day, we only had three pies left for Sunday. Craziness! And you know what’s even crazier? Staying up all night to bake more pies! But that’s exactly what we did – and not to brag or anything, but we came up with some pretty exciting new recipes: Gravenstein Apple Crumble? Frangipane Pluot? Yeah, we made those. No big deal.









And for some reason one of us (to name names ::ahem:: myself) agreed to make a chicken pot pie and a classic double crust apple to order, on the day our shop was supposed to be closed, despite the fact that those items were not on our menu for the week. Why? Well it’s probably because some of us just love to sell pies that much. Deal with it. We also may have started a medium-sized grease fire, and Anna may or may not have yelled “quick, grab the marshmallows – SOMEBODY MAKE A S’MORE!” rather than put out the fire. Don’t worry though, we’re all ok.

Anywho, we’ve got the above recipes (including mini chicken pot pies!  Who could resist?) and more available this Friday at Stable Cafe – that’s right, Friday. We’ll be closed this Saturday and Sunday, because these Three Babes (plus ‘lil babe Olivia and our entourage) are headed home to mom and dad’s to celebrate Anna’s birthday. There will be some floating down the river, drinking beer (or champagne, for those who want to keep it classy), and definitely S’mores, sans the grease fire if we can help it.

See you Friday!
The Babes

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