A family favorite- BIRTHDAY PIE!

It’s true, dear pie fans!  The Babes will be taking a little babecation this weekend, and our retail kiosk at Stable Cafe will NOT be open on Saturday and Sunday, but instead on Friday, August 5th, Babe Anna’s actual birthday!  And yes, she’s accepting gifts! OK, no, not really, but you can help her celebrate with BIRTHDAY PIE!!

Right around this time every year, the local, scrumptious, pie-centric Gravenstein apple makes it’s appearance. Just in time for Babe Anna’s birthday! That’s why, this Friday, all you pie enthusiasts will be able to taste the fruits of Sebastopol’s harvest in our Gravenstein Apple Sour Cream Crumble pie. Tart, sweet, spiced, YUM!

So come visit us on August 5th and celebrate another year with pie. It’s a lifelong relationship that keeps on giving!

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