Holy Peach!

Oh hi there, pie fans! Would you happen to need some more delicious, organic peaches in your life? Well this weekend, the babes sure did! We’ve got Sierra Ladies from Blossom Bluff in our Cinnamon Peach Lattice pie. Pure-peachy-deliciousness. Then we’ve got Zee Ladies from Frog Hollow Farm in our Crumb-Topped Peach Strawberry pie. Peach-berry-sweet-magic. And wait, there’s one more tasty option to choose from! We used the same spectacular Sierra Ladies in our Peach Frangipane pie! What the heck is this fancy dancy “frangipane,” you may ask? Well, it’s an amazing custardy filling made from almonds. So yeah, we went there, dear friends. Creamy-almond-peach-heaven.

So come to Stable Cafe this weekend and visit us in Peachland. Because even if you don’t like peaches (how could you?! they are so good!) we won’t judge you, pal. We’ve got plenty of other beautiful pies that would love to meet you.

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