Hand pies, brownies, secret off-menu pies…the excitement of it all is almost too much.

Hi friends.

It’s an exciting time for The Babes – after almost two months of all night baking sessions, emergency runs to Other Avenues for extra butter, and wondering what the heck happened to that half-pint of berries/cherries/chocolate/farmer’s cheese (We are not the types to name names, but we will point fingers – blame it on the Pie Burglar!) we’ve finally gotten comfortable with our production schedule. This is good news for us – we can finally sleep more than three hours per night! It’s great news for you as well, (yes, you!  in the stripes!), as it’s freed up some time for new products and more experimental pies.

Basically, our pie lineup is getting more and more exciting by the week.  We’re now featuring up to 12 (12!) types of pie every Saturday.  Plus, we get a little cray up in the kitchen once midnight rolls around, which has led to some incredible pie discoveries. (We did a Strawberry Fig Creme Fraiche with Almond Streusel last week, people.  It was seriously cray). This also means that we’re doing smaller batches, so don’t forget to call ahead and reserve your pie. They are selling out so fast – even The Babes don’t get to taste some of them.

Also, we’ve started doing delicious little hand pies! And tasty brownies with TCHO chocolate! Thanks to everyone who keeps hassling us about selling at cafe’s around the city – we’re working on our wholesale line, so if you have ideas for cafes in your neighborhood that might like carrying some mini pies, just come on down to the shop and tell us about them! Because you, dear friends, always have the very best ideas.

Hope to see you soon! Also, to that police officer who gave me a ticket yesterday and then called me this morning to say that actually he was un-giving me the ticket, thanks a billion. You’re the best!

The Babes

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