Nectarine Battle Royale

Summer’s in full swing here in the bay area (it was 75 degrees today!  SEVENTY-FIVE!!) and the babes are delighted with all the delicious stone fruit that our lovely farmers have for us.  We called up Fran from Blossom Bluff a few days ago (we love her!), and she gave us the lowdown on what they have to offer.  The conversation went a little like this:

Babe: OK, wait, what Fran?  You have two spectacular varieties of nectarines right now?

Fran: Yes, we have a variety called Ruby Pearl with sweet, white-flesh, and a yellow-flesh variety called Summer Grand that a lot of restaurants are ordering for it’s classic flavor and freestone nature.

Babe: OK, they both sound fantastic!  We’ll order BOTH varieties!

And so dear pie fans, that’s how we three babes came up with two nectarine pies on this week’s menu.  We’re just that crazy to feature both white AND yellow nectarines!  We’re tartin’ up the action in each pie with delicious blackberries from Yerena Farms in one, and Santa Rosa plums (also from Blossom!) in the other.  Let the showdown begin!  What will be your favorite, lovely pie enthusiast?  Because this time around, the babes are keeping our favorites a secret.  If that’s even possible.  We three babes sure like to talk! Especially about pie, and especially to our fantastic pie fans (that’s you! You’re so great!).

And speaking of how great you all are, if you haven’t voted for us yet in the Vote For Your Vendor Contest for the 2011 San Francisco Street Food Festival please do so by clicking here!  And wait, maybe here!  Can you tell we’d really like if you all voted for us?!  Thanks for your support!  You’ll have front row seats in this week’s nectarine battle royale.  xo,

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