Can I get some savory with that sweet, please?

So dear pie fans, the babes have been in a comfort-me-with-savory-goodness type of mood as of late, (San Francisco, we love you, but it’s summer! NOT winter!) and we’re getting crazy in the kitchen with some savory pies this week.  Chicken Pot Pie is one of our favorites, and you guys shouldn’t miss this opportunity to pre-order a delicious, delicious pie (no really, this pie is Taaaaaasty with a capital ‘T’), but this babe’s got to confess- I’m pretty excited for our other savory option this week!










Do you see these beautiful little cherry tomatoes from Happy Boy Farms, dear friends?  Well, as delicious as they are as-is, they become truly magical when you slow roast ’em!  And then, when you toss in some brown sugar and balsamic caramelized onions, and bring it all together with some fresh, local goat cheese and thyme, well friends, you’ve got some savory pie magic, in our humble opinion.  Oh, and wait!  Did we mention there’s a BACON option?!  Well, yes, there’s an strictly veggie option AND a bacon option.  Just because we love ALL of our pie fans!

So come say ‘hi’ to us this weekend at Stable Cafe in the Mission.  We’ll be there for you- waiting and ready with some comforting savory pie!

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