Encore, Cherries!


Thanks again for all of your support since our launch six weeks ago.  It’s been great to see your smiling faces at our retail kiosk.  As many of you know, we featured cherries hard core during our first month.  And why wouldn’t we?  We’re from cherry country!  We featured Stellas, Bings, and even Raniers!  Cherries with rhubarb and cherries with berries, cherries in jars – all sorts of crazy combinations.  And then, two weeks ago, the fun came to a sudden and unwelcome halt – Hidden Star Orchards (Smit Family, we heart you!) ran out of cherries.

You read it correctly, every one of their delicious cherries had been purchased.  It was a rough season with the rainy weather.  No worries, we thought, we can get them somewhere else next week.  Except that Frog Hollow, our back-up (but much loved) cherry grower was also out.  So we consoled ourselves with some truly delicious alternatives.  But you, beloved customer, would not be so easily distracted.  Last week alone we received over a dozen calls for cherry pie – ranging from inquisitive to downright hostile.  One pie lover actually asked us how we could live with ourselves!  Does that seem normal to you?

We get where you’re coming from.  Y’all don’t even want to know how many times Babe Anna wrote in the time Larry and Luna’s Coconut Bliss discontinued Maple Walnut.  Pretty sure they put her on some kind of “characters to watch” list after that one.

Anywho, thank goodness for the fine people over at Ferrari Farms.  We go way back with them.  Joey Ferrari sat directly behind us in Religion class freshman year of high school, and despite the fact that we are terrible, terrible heathens, God smiled upon us this week.  We made one of The Moms drive out to the farm to pick up a few beautiful cases of Sweetheart cherries and Santa Rosa plums.  Enjoy them, ladies and gentlemen, and come out early (or order in advance) because they’re the last cherries of 2011.


The Babes

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