Vote for us! (Pretty please?! We really like you!)

Hello, World!  (Or maybe just our pie fans, but I’m a dreamer, so let’s go with WORLD).  This is my very first blog post! And for good reason! Can you tell I’m ridiculously excited?! (!!!…!)

Why am I so excited, you may ask? Well, we three babes were just accepted to be participants in the Vote For Your Vendor Contest of the 2011 San Francisco Street Food Festival!  We’re excited to (hopefully!) be a part of this fantastic community event.  Because if you’re like us, dear reader, you LOVE street food!  And you LOVE the community!  And you LOVE the awesome people over at La Cocina who host this incredible gathering… you guys are just the best!

So pretty please, dear pie fans, I mean WORLD, vote for us!  We’d LOVE the opportunity to serve our tastiest sweet and savory pies to lovely people (such as yourselves!) at this marvelous festival.

OK, so I think that’s enough “!’s” and “LOVE’s” and “WORLD’s” for one blog post, let alone my very first.  Just wait until how my heart will swell with excitement the next time around!  Will you be able to handle my enthusiasm for pie, friends?!

In other news, check out this DELICIOUS PIE!!  Come visit The Babes this weekend at Stable Cafe in the Mission to taste this Rhubarb Lattice, or the Tart Plum that’s peeking out of the box on the right.  Tart Plum just wants to say ‘hi.’  Our pies are excited too!!


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