Rhymes with Rhubarb

I want to be clever like Katrina and come up with cool titles and puns and whatnot, but at some point I just have to accept my lack of finesse with literary devices and get on with my business.  Boom – there was a pun right there!  Ok… and now there are pies to bake.

This week we have some GORGEOUS rhubarb.  Since our launch (six weeks ago) we’ve had a lot of requests for straight rhubarb pie, and have heard some delightfully nostalgic stories from our customers.  One pie fan told us about his childhood, when every weekend his aunt would take him to Playland at the Beach and order him a slice of rhubarb pie, despite the fact that there were many other pies from which to choose.  We hear you buddy, variety is the spice of life, which is why we change up our pie choices every week.

Still, we can understand your aunt’s unyielding love of rhubarb.  We like to cook it down and eat it with yogurt, on toast, or straight from the jar.  Not to mention as a delicious slice of pie. But it is seasonal, and the hotter it gets, the harder it is to find rhubarb at the market.  So come by the shop this week to try a slice or take home a whole pie.  Better yet, bring your aunt, your mom, or your grandma on down – for a fleeting taste of times past.



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