Who Let the Babes into the Chocolate Factory? Seriously, though. Who was it?

That’s right.  We knocked on the door over at the TCHO Chocolate Factory on Pier 17, and some poor soul was foolish enough to let us inside.  WOOHOO!  Did you hear that?  That was the sound of us rifling through the samples on the counter in the back office, skipping across the factory floor and riding down the conveyor belt, stuffing fistfuls of delicious chocolate into our mouths with each passing minute!  That last part may have been an exaggeration (the part where I said we rode on the conveyer belt.) Sorry friends, I do tend toward hyperbole now and again.  For the record, I asked to ride on the conveyer belt, but they said “no” and then they made me put on a hair net.  The other parts were all one hundred percent true, though.  Especially the part about stuffing the chocolate in my mouth.

But they were nice to us anyway.  Brad, the chief chocolate maker, gave us a tour of their laboratory (goggles for everybody!) and let us crush a few cacao pods open.  We use the phrase “let us crush” kind of liberally here.  “Stood by uncomfortably watching us while we seized the opportunity to crush” is probably more like it.  Don’t judge us – the crusher was super cool.  You’d have done the same thing had YOU been invited into the laboratory.  Geez.

When I got done with the crusher he must have read my mind because just as I shot him a glance to see if he was paying attention he said “please don’t eat those” and then escorted me out.  Nicely, of course.  (So nicely.  I think he’s Canadian.)  He must have seen the chocolate-crazed look in my eye, or maybe that’s how it goes with every tour.  No hard feelings though, Brad, because I proceeded to have a long and delicious drive home with a giant bag of Organic TCHOPro, which we purchased for this week’s TCHO chocolate tarts. Don’t worry, readers, we’re saving some for you too.  But you’ll have to come by the shop to pick one up – these babies are in limited quantity so we aren’t delivering them.  See you Saturday!


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