The good people over at Hidden Star Orchards understand our Infinite Nature…

If you are anything like The Babes (and we’re thinking you are, you beautiful internet people), you live for the weekends – waking up early (dragging yourself begrudgingly out of bed is for weekdays!), going for a long run outside, and then quickly obliterating any modest calorie deficit created via said run by shoving all manner of local/seasonal/tasty foods into our mouths.  For us, there’s no better place to do that than the Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market. Now that we’re in the pie business, we go there to pick up the goods for our pies, but we always take care of business (i.e. breakfast) first.  We are totally not above waiting in line for the chilaquiles at Primavera, nor do we ever fail to drink an iced coffee from Blue Bottle.


But besides stuffing our faces like the little pigs that we are, the Babes love getting to know our local farmers.  Maybe it’s childhood memories of driving out to the packing houses to get crates of cherries as big as the kitchen sink (or so they seemed at the time), but we just love face-to-face contact with the people growing our fruit.  You know what we love even more?  Going straight to the farm!







A few Saturdays back, we got to talking with Johann from Hidden Star Orchards.  He’s at the FPFM on Saturdays (and Hidden Star is there, minus Johann, on Tuesdays as well).  We babes are kind of smitten with his big smile and familiar manner, which is no surprise, because we found out he WENT TO OUR HIGH SCHOOL.  He and all four of his siblings. (St. Mary’s High School – High fives all around!)  We got the feeling, right off the bat, that in his day, Johann liked to give the nuns trouble, just like we did.  A kindred spirit!






The next week, we actually got the chance to visit his parents and they confirmed. “St. Mary’s High School know the Smit children…”  The look on his mom’s face was pretty much the same look on my mom’s face when she talks about us.  The look that says “it’s really a miracle that only one of them got expelled.” We’re pretty stoked about using Mr. and Mrs. Smit’s organic Pink Ladies in May, Granny Smiths in June and Pippins in July, not to mention their organic cherries and blueberries when those come into season.  Stay tuned for more news on the goods!

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