A Seriously Large Pie

Yo yo yo, ladies and gents!

For those who weren’t on the West Coast for our Kickstarter Kickoff, today was your first official chance to sample some of the goods.  We’ve had a ton of support, and have already gotten half-way to our fundraising goal.  If you haven’t had a chance to check out our Kickstarter campaign yet, there’s still time!

Salty Honey Walnut

I’ve been working my tail off in Boston in an effort to nail down the last of our May debut recipes and build our corporate client list for the summer while the other Babes bake like crazy and hold down the fort in SF until Memorial Day Weekend.  That’s all well and good, but who will help us eat the pies?  Who among us, I ask myself, staring at pie after delicious pie, is the most likely to eat large quantities of pies without adverse consequences?  The answer hit me yesterday – people who have just finished working out!

So around 4:30 this afternoon, I pulled the last pie from the oven, finished up an elaborate stacking system I’ve been perfecting, and hightailed it over to Shad Hall, where I attempted to foster goodwill and happy thoughts with free pie.  I also tried to get in on a dodgeball game.  Fun times, right?   Not sure how many students are at B-school on dodgeball scholarships, but they took it pretty seriously.

Buttermilk Maple Pie


One hairy, bare-legged man guy was wearing a pair of daisy dukes which, in retrospect, were probably meant to distract and in the millisecond it took to raise my eyebrows in mild horror, that nice, quiet doctor from class (who I have always thought was so gentle) hurled a dodgeball in my direction.  It was kind of like the time(s) I walked in on my kid brother hiding in the bathroom eating KitKat bars.  People were all like “For the love of all that is good and holy, stuff your candy bars in your pockets and run!  That dude over there is big, mean and HUNGRY!  But I was too busy thinking “Hey guys, this is fun!  And I brought pie!” to notice.  And that’s when I got smacked, hard, with a dodgeball.

Why throw things when we could all sit down around a delicious slice of strawberry crumble pie?

Have I ever mentioned the fact that I am absolutely awful at team sports?

No?  Well I am.  But it’s cool – I’m good at other stuff, like baking pies and stopping crimes in action.  I wish I could say I got hit while throwing myself in front of the pie table to protect my precious precious wares, but I actually was just too slow to realize what was going on until the ball made contact with my body.  I am not too proud to admit that it hurt like hell.  (Is that what they teach you in Med school?  Throwing things at people really effectively?  Well?  Is it?)

A graphic approximation of what happened to me
We want everybody to share in the goodness of pie. Even doctors who like to throw things

For the record, he still got pie.  (Why wouldn’t he?  Pie for everyone!)

There were a lot of pie choices for the dodgeball people (and later, the basketball and volleyball people.  I’m cool with all the sports).  I started out making a Kentucky Derby pie, which is similar to a pecan pie, but with bourbon and chocolate mixed in.

Then I thought I might as well practice making salty honey walnut, and while I was at it, a few pies-in-jars, and why not use the buttermilk in the refrigerator for a pie… Oh, and also why not use the strawberries in the freezer and spiced pear preserves I made with mom last year, and of course (because this is obvious), why not make the biggest apple pie I’ve ever seen in person in my entire life.  Not kidding here – I ran out of pie tins, so I used a paella pan.  It took three double pie crusts and like 14 apples to make this puppy.  Don’t hate, it worked out pretty well, and had built in handles.

Yeah, that's two feet in diameter.

As usual, I talked everyone’s ear off about Three Babes, our farmers, our website, and most importantly, our pies.  And while they listened (or pretended to listen), those hungry little gym rats polished off a whole lot of the goods.  SWEET!  And now I am le tired.

Ten-Four, Over and Out.


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