Kickstarter Kickoff Party – Great Success!

Hello friends/lovers (of pie)!

Just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who turned up at our Kickstarter Kickoff party last night at the Mission Cultural Center.  It was a little crazy at times – my many siblings plus several friends of the Babes were not sufficient slave labor help to stave off the steady stream of hungry of pie enthusiasts.  (Not that we mind steady streams of pie enthusiasts or anything – we love pie enthusiasts!  But I’m in the business of calling it like I see it, so here we are).  Anna told me I had to wear a dress, but I showed her – my ragamuffin status can not be challenged!  I had the best of intentions, actually – I brought a dress in a brown paper bag and told myself I was going to change into it right before people arrived, but then things got crazy and I never got to go the the bathroom at all, much less change into anything, and then it was the end of the night and I realized that Anna and Katrina both looked really cute and were wearing nice outfits and that I had never put on makeup and I was wearing apple pie on my pants.  Actually I lucked out on this one, because nobody captured my hot-mess moment (it’s a lifestyle, really) on film.  As far as I know.  Score!

The oh-so-fetching Anna, slicing up a pie
Katrina, working her magic and looking smashing while doing so.

But back to the party… We used last night as a chance to test out our recipes on other people.  As Katrina has made abundantly clear, we just can’t go on eating all of the sample pies we’ve been baking all by our lonesome.  So last night we organized the first Great Pie Election, which gave scores of our friends the opportunity to vote on their favorite versions of several of our pies.  We think/hope that people enjoyed the exercise, and we had no recorded incidents of voter fraud, although we did have a little prankster try to spam up our mailing list.  Here’s a mugshot of her (eating pie, no less), along with some of her handiwork:

Nice work, young one.

Just in case anyone is wondering, "" is not a real email address. But who are we kidding - we totally would have done that had we been in her shoes. The three babes applaud her moxie.

We’re sure she has a bright future in front of her in some sort of creative field.  In any case, here are the election results:

Apple: Standard Granny Smith vs. Granny Smith with Honey

Opinions varied widely on this one.  Some people thought the apples were too cooked, others thought they weren’t cooked enough.  Some thought the honey flavor was too strong, others thought it was just right.

Savory Custard: Fromage Blanc with Green Garlic vs. Queso Fresco with Green Garlic and Browned Butter

General consensus was that the fromage blanc pie was superior for it’s light texture and slight sweetness, but some preferred the crispy top on the queso fresco cheese and the more pronounced flavor of the garlic.

Walnut: Salted Honey Walnut vs. Honey Walnut with Orange

This was the instance of the election in which one pie won by a large margin – our testers chose Salted Honey Walnut (a honey custard pie with toasted walnuts mixed in) nearly 2:1 over Honey Walnut with Orange (a pecan-pie like base with a hint of orange and toasted walnuts mixed in).  To be fair, fully 75% of the ballots said something to the effect of “I CAN’T BELIEVE I CAN ONLY CHOOSE ONE.  WHY, GOD, WHY???”


Asparagus Custard: Asparagus Custard vs. the exact same Asparagus Custard

The joke’s on you, friends, these were exactly the same!  The Asparagus Custard with Trumpet Mushrooms was the exact same pie and served as our control.  Votes were split down the middle, and many of our testers called us out, but it did speak to the sometimes-arbitrary nature of the election process.  The comments, which ranged from “Too much crust” to “where’s the crust?” demonstrated to us how difficult it is to judge a pie on a few bites alone.  You’ve gotta have a whole slice to get the full experience.  Still, people liked this pie, and we eventually had to cut up the pies-in-jars we’d made for gluten free guests and offer them to the hungry masses.

Gluten-free pies in jars were eventually eaten by the non-gluten-sensitive guests. The demand for Asparagus Custard and Strawberry-Rhubarb crumble was just too great.

Strawberry-Rhubarb Crumble: Pine nuts and black pepper vs. Classic Crumble

Votes were split down the middle on this one, but the babes selected Classic Crumble for its crunch and flavor.  Pine nuts are cool and everything (we love us some pine nuts) but in this instance, the Classic won out.

Thanks to everyone for the feedback!  And for those who arrived after 7 pm (that would be a full TWO HOURS before the event ended), we are sorry that you were disenfranchised by lack of pie choice.  Blame everybody else who got there before you – they must have gotten greedy, or something, because we had equal amounts of each pie out on the table, which means somebody (it could be anyone, really) ate the pie that was, for all intents and purposes, yours for the samplin’.

We ran out of cups, then ran out of small plates, and eventually ran out of the pieces of plates that we cut up to serve as mini-plates. Such was the hunger for pie at the party.

Sorry about that, and know that we’re just as bummed about it as you are.  We held out as long as we could, but eventually we even had to cut up our sample pie (the most photogenic pie of the bunch!) and then the pie just ran out.  (On the bright side, we never ran out of booze!  Give us credit for something, would you?)

Rest in peace, sample pie. You were glorious, in your day.

Oh well!  Starting Memorial Day Weekend, you can vote with your dollars whenever you want by visiting our retail space or website.  And whether you made it to the party or not, check out our Kickstarter campaign to learn more about our future plans and get your hands on some awesome prizes.

Ten-Four, over and out…


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